Uppsala Light Rail Day

Thank you for attending the launch of the Uppsala Light Rail Project. The Light Rail Day was held in Uppsala on 22 May 2019. As we had hoped, it turned out to be a very stimulating experience. Not only was it a chance to explain about the Light Rail Project and future plans for the City of Uppsala. But also an opportunity to meet many knowledgeable prime movers in the public transport sector. We look forward to continuing our partnership within the Light Rail Project.

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Last day for registration was May 15, please contact mario.rivera@uppsala.se for further information. 

Welcome to the launch of the Uppsala Light Rail Project

The historic City of Uppsala and the surrounding area is growing faster than anywhere else in Sweden. An ancient university town in symbiosis with some of Sweden's most cutting-edge-tech companies: the preconditions for growth are excellent.

Now, to facilitate further growth, the City of Uppsala, Region Uppsala and the Swedish state have signed an agreement for a major investment in new housing and infrastructure. A multi-million kronor commitment that will be of great importance for the whole Greater Stockholm region.

This new chapter of the city's history begins now, and we are looking for experts and innovators. Kindred spirits who are keen to contribute to the first stage of our city's re-development: the Uppsala Light Railway. People and organisations like your own.

Uppsala Light Rail Day

Join us for the meeting which will lay the foundations for the Uppsala Light Rail Project. The day will start with a presentation of the background to the initiative, after which there will be discussions with prominent experts in the various relevant fields.


Meet the decision makers and the rest of the team who are involved in the Uppsala Light Rail Project: politicians, civil servants, experts in specialist areas and those responsible for all the different aspects of the project. Primary areas are design, construction, operations, maintenance and co-financing.

This will be an opportunity to meet colleagues in your business area from all over the world. It also offers the chance to be inspired by international speakers who will be talking about their visions and experiences from other large, European, light-rail projects.

The event is free of charge and will be held in English.


Wednesday 22 May 9.00–16.00.


Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden (18 min from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and five minutes walk from Uppsala Central Station).
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Moderator Mattias Goldmann, CEO Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability – a green and liberal think tank.



Registration, coffee and a chance to mingle with the Uppsala project team and your international colleagues from different business areas.


Meet Uppsala – the region, the city and our vision for 2050

An introduction to Uppsala today and our vision for the development of the city and the region in the next few decades. Senior representatives from the City of Uppsala will provide an overview of our aspirations for the future.

Erik Pelling (S), Mayor, City of Uppsala.

The Uppsala Partnership Agreement – a multi-million Swedish krona investment in sustainable local transport

A presentation of this historic agreement between the Swedish state, City of Uppsala and Region Uppsala and the planning process for the multi-million Swedish krona investments in public transport infrastructure, business premises and housing made possible by the agreement.

Gabriella Burel, Program Manager, Uppsala Partnership Agreement, City of Uppsala.


Inspiration from north to south

International guest speakers share their visions and experiences from other successful, European, light rail projects. We will hear about the Norwegian city of Bergen, new approaches for solutions in Tours (France) and Zaragoza in Northern Spain, all of which presented very different challenges. Success was achieved by devising customised light rail solutions.

Adelheid Nes, CEO, Bybanen AS, Bergen in Norway
Elisabeth Dalby, Public Relations, RCP - Design Global, Tours in France
Marcos Español, Public Relations, Tranvias de Zaragoza, Zaragoza in Spain

12.00–13.00 Lunch


Uppsala Light Rail Project – starting now, opening in 2029

The first stage of the Uppsala Partnership Agreement, the Uppsala Light Rail Project, is now underway. And we have already made a lot of progress. Members of the project team explain about the plans, their scope, the preconditions, the timetable, the goal, the interim-targets, etc.

Mario Rivera, Project Manager, Uppsala Light Rail, City of Uppsala


In-depth information, visions and discussions

During the afternoon we will be providing more in-depth information about the Uppsala Light Rail Project. At nine "stations" experts within each different area will give more detailed presentations. Along with the specialists you can chat with our team members.

And they will want to hear what you think! Feel free to take the chance to share your opinions and experience with us. How can we best work together, plan the negotiations etc to create a win-win situation for everyone?

Topics on the agenda:

  • Housing and urban development
  • Mobility management and sustainable traffic planning
  • Design
  • Environment and water resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Energy supply solutions
  • Vehicles
  • Depots
  • Business models

Housing and urban developments 
Jonas Svensson, City of Uppsala
Real state developments 
Email: jonas.svensson@uppsala.se

Mobility management and sustainable traffic planning
Carl Chytraeus, City of Uppsala
Sustainable mobility and traffic planning
Email: carl@ackonsulter.se

Ann-Britt Ådegren, City of Uppsala
Sustainable mobility and traffic planning
Email: ann-britt.adegren@uppsala.se

Michael Hallberg, City of Uppsala
Design, permits and environment
Email: michael.hallberg@uppsala.se

Environment and water resources
Michael Hallberg, City of Uppsala
Design, permits and environment
Email: michael.hallberg@uppsala.se

Irina Persson, Uppsala waste and water Ltd
Water engineering
Email: irina.persson@uppsalavatten.se

Thomas Blomqvist, City of Uppsala 
Email: thomas.blomqvist@uppsala.se

Maria Leander, City of Uppsala
Email: maria.leander@forsen.com

Energy supply solutions
Sofia Krafft, Region of Uppsala
Email: sofia.krafft@regionuppsala.se

Thomas Blomqvist, City of Uppsala
Email: thomas.blomqvist@uppsala.se

Sofia Krafft, Region of Uppsala
Email: sofia.krafft@regionuppsala.se

Fredrik Johansson, Region of Uppsala
Email: lars.fredrik.johansson@regionuppsala.se

Peter Carlsson, Region of Uppsala
Email: peter.carlsson@externa.regionuppsala.se

Business models
Mario Rivera, City of Uppsala
Project Manager of Uppsala Light Rail Project
Email: mario.rivera@uppsala.se


Answer our questionnaire - your chance to help shape the future of Uppsala!


Thank you for attending!

Practical information

On the site, destinationuppsala.se you can find all the information you will need about getting to and from Uppsala, along with tips about getting around in the city. The venue for the Uppsala Light Rail Day, the UKK is very central, only five minutes walk from the station.

The site also has useful information about hotels, restaurants and things to see and do during your visit.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Destination Uppsala or indeed us if you have any questions.

More information

Read more about the Uppsala Light Rail Project on our website uppsala.se/lightrail (in english) or uppsala.se/sparvag (in swedish).


Mario Rivera, City of Uppsala
Project Manager, Uppsala Light Rail Project
Phone: +46 (0)18-727 46 58
Email: mario.rivera@uppsala.se